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CALGARY AUTOMATION team is made up of people with strong technology backgrounds. Francois L'Ecuyer, Director of Development together with Tania Sandoval, Executive Director, lead a team of engineers and outstanding students who collaborate within the company. We also receive external consulting from true experts in the sector where the innovations we develop will be applied.


Youssef El Mays

I'm an engineering science student at the University of Toronto and I'm a junior project developer at My experiences include building and programming wayfinding robots with a variety of sensors, as well as data analysis and web development. I also worked with the Calgary Parking Authority on parking and cost management systems using computer vision.


Will Taylor

My name is Will Taylor and I am an engineering science student at the University of Toronto. I have a background in data science, looking at trends in influenza genotype data as per seasonal vaccines. I am currently a member of the University of Toronto Aerospace Team, Rocket Division, where we are designing and manufacturing solid, liquid and hybrid propulsion rockets. At UTAT, I build and design circuits with the Avionics Subsystem and do outreach with the Business Development Subteam.


Jakub Gierus

I am currently studying computer science at university. I am very interested in combining technology and engineering with the biological world: a combination of disciplines that seem to have enormous potential to revolutionize the future. I have extensive experience in both machine learning and web application development. In terms of machine learning, I created a neural network-based semantic image compression algorithm and won the bronze medal at the Canada Science Fair for my work creating AI-based trading agents. In terms of web application development, I've built tax filing software for a book publisher, a stock registrar, and worked with an Alberta-based logistics startup as a front-end developer.


Rodrigo Salazar

I am currently a student of Engineering Sciences at the University of Toronto and plan to major in aerospace engineering. I am particularly interested in working in the aerospace industry. I was a member of a FIRST robotics team in high school and have a background in computer aided design (CAD), particularly Solidworks and some Autodesk Inventor as well. I also have some experience with electronics and pneumatic systems. Also, I have experience programming in Python and have created a basic game using the pygame library.

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